We offer you a wide range of Instrumentation, Control System Engineering and Services to Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and General Industries

Offering a wide range of Instrumentation, Control System Engineering and Services to Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and General Industries.

Control Systems

• Distributed Control System (DCS).
• Emergency Shutdown System (ESD System).
• Pneumatic Alarm/Shutdown and Control Panel.
• Fire and Gas Detection System.
• Burner Management System (BMS).
• Sequential Event Recording and Annunciation System.
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Wellhead Control Panel and System.
• Sub-sea Production Control System.
• Anti Surge and Performance / Pressure Controls System for Centrifugal ...and Axial Compressor.
• Load Sharing and Master Control System for Parallel or Serial Networks.
• Steam Turbine Control System (Speed Control and Extraction Control).
• Gas Turbine Control System (Fuel Control).
• Reciprocating and Screw Gas Compressor Control System.
• Power Generator Control System.
• Vibration monitoring System.
• Programmable Logic Control System (Single, Dual, TMR).
• Design Engineering and System Integration.
• Fabrication, Installation, Testing and Commissioning.
• Maintenance (contract or on-call).

Field Instrumentation and Components

• Pneumatic, Electronic and smart Transmitters (Flow, Pressure, ..Level, Differential Pressure, Displacer, etc).
• Pneumatic and Electronic Indicating, Controller and Recorders.
• Pneumatic and Electric Pressure, Temperature and Level Switches.
• Pneumatic & Electronic Positioner, P/I and I/P Transducers.
• Pneumatic and Electric Actuators (diaphragm, piston, etc).
• Control Valves (Ball, Globe, Butterfly, etc), Pressure Reducing Valves.
• Fuel Metering Valves, Bleed Valves, etc.
• Complete Line of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Panel Components.
• Shutdown Device, Sensor, Thermostatic for Machinery Protection.
• Installation, Testing and Calibration.

Exclusive Sole Distributor In Indonesia For :
1. Amot Control, USA
2. Spriano, Italia
3. L&J Technologies Company
4. Precision Engine Controls Corporation

Tank Level Gauging and Fittings

• Inventory Tank Management System, Tank Monitoring System, Protocol Converter, etc.
• Digital Level Gauges, Radar Gauges, Tape/Float Gauges, Automatic Tank Gauges and Liquid Level Indicators, Tank Gauge and Sampling lock.
• Level Transmitters, Level switches, RTU, Temperature Detectors, etc.
• Tank Valves/Vents, Emergency Vent, Flame/Detonation Arrester, Gauge Hatches, Safety Valves, Swingline Equipment.
• Blanketing/Vapor Recovery, Flame Control, Pressure Regulators, Back Pressure, Check, Sediment/Drip Traps, Waste Gas.
• Pneumatic Modulating Liquid Level Control.
• Capacitance Liquid/Bulk Level Transmitter.
• Microwave Level Control, Marine Tank Level Gauge.
• Installation, Testing, Calibration and Commissioning.

Exclusive Sole Distributor In Indonesia For :
1. L&J Technologies Company,
2. Sand & Jurs,
3. Omnitrol Manufactures,
4. GPE Controls Manufactures,
5. Delavan Process Instrumentation,

Predictive Maintenance Instrument and Services

• Machine Condition Monitoring and Data Collector (On-line and Off-line).
• Machine Diagnosis, Signal analysis, Trending and Rotor Balancing.
• Optical Laser Shaft Alignment, Pulley/Belt Alignment, Level Alignment.
• Bearing Induction Heater.
• Eddy Current Inspection and NDT.
• Ultrasonic Leak Detector and Inspection Tools.
• Infrared Thermography.
• Oil Test, Motor-check, Torque Analyzer, Boroscope and Electrical Test.
• Services (contract or on-call) and Training Proactive Maintenance.

Exclusive Sole Distributor In Indonesia For :
1. Pruftechnick Ag, Germany
2. UE Systems Inc, USA